All car photos would need the post-editing process to achieve their best look. The automotive business relies on how the company presents its cars. Today, it’s not only about decorating the dealership showroom but also about increasing digital exposure with great images through online platforms. From business sites to social media page, well-edited car photos has become an inevitable obligation for all automotive business to present.

More automotive-related businesses now use car photo editing services as a part of their marketing strategy to boost their sales. These include new car dealership, used car dealership, car painting services, auto mechanic shops, car rentals, and many more. They would make the cars looks engaging and eye-catching and attract more viewers and, of course, prospective buyers.

However, car photo editing involves a wide range of tasks. Most of the time, you’d need more than two treatments to improve the quality of the car photo. There would be more editing processes if you have some specific aesthetics or looks you want to achieve. From removing the background, applying the shadows to correcting the body panel colors, we have a complete spectrum of car photo editing services to accommodate your requirements.

Common Car Photo Editing Services

Since car photo editing service could be so varying for each provider, there are some common services that give you general benefits or at least, help you to achieve what look is up in current automotive trends. Let’s check them out below.

Car Photo Clip Out

The basic car photo editing service that also has the highest demand is the photo clip out. It’s the process of drawing path digitally to extract and to separate the car image from the background. You can then use the extracted car images for other backgrounds or contexts. Our editors use Pen Tool to draw the path and capture the fine details of your car.

Car Background Replacement

Following the main application of edited car photos, changing the background is also very popular. Whether you want to apply the white or simple color or to change the existing background with the more relevant ones, background replacement is a top-notch solution. The service can also be prompted with photo fixing, shadow making or color correction to ensure realistic background replacements.

Car Photo Retouching

Getting a genuine car image after a photoshoot session or editing could be very challenging. Sometimes, you’d have to highlight elements of the car image like the shapes, painting, colors, wheels, windows, and other details. A car photo retouching would help you achieve the alluring look of the vehicle to attract more viewers.

Car Shadow Creation

Photo editing may also include the car shadow making that alters more realistic impressions of the car you’re promoting. You can apply a drop shadow or casting shadow when displaying a car in an image. When you want to change the background, remaking the shadow would also support the smooth blends. The shadow creation can either preserve and enhance the original shadow or simply make an entirely new car shadow. At PhotoClipOut, we can make any type of car shadow and work on any type of background or any requirements.

Car Color Correction and Enhancement

Color gaps, distortions, and imperfections are the major issues of car photography. That’s why most automotive photographs would need post-correction and enhancement process no matter how good the raw image is. This way, you can showcase your car in digital content more accurately and make it more engaging. On the other hand, serious buyers need to view the real color of the car through the image. Accurate car photographs would capture real buyers’ interests and we have tons of proof about these car shopping facts.

Car Panoramic View

The latest trend of automotive photo presentation is, of course, the panoramic 360-degree panoramic car pictures. This allows you to display the car and the customers to view the car in the 360-degree scene view. With such a view, the viewers can comprehend the car presentation and be more convinced about car quality. This view can be achieved through the clipping path and stitching procedures of multiple car images.

We at PhotoClipOut offers super-comprehensive photo editing services to accommodate all your needs. Despite the services mentioned above, we also offer car image recoloring, text up, manipulation, image stitching, ads image HD enhancement, watermark removal & adding, contrast & brightness adjustment, grains & commotion removal, glare removal, background or sky changing, white adjustment, and so forth.

Prompted car photo editing services would be no problem for us. We can keep the quick delivery and ensure the top editing quality. Don’t know where to start? Not sure what editing services you need for your car images? Discuss your ideas with our experts at PhotoClipOut and get the best car photo editing solutions.