Excellent photographs have become fundamental elements of the automotive business. However, getting a perfect car photo with a single shot could be a daunting task even though you’ve hired a professional photographer. There might be still some issues need to be fixed before you can use it for posters or online catalog.

While some minor imperfections can be treated with some retouches, the worse issues may require deeper fixing services. We at PhotoClipOut know how to fix various issues may appear in your automotive photos. Don’t know where to start? Consult your needs to us and get car photo fix solutions instantly.

What Can Be Fixed?

It requires some specific approach to fix the automotive photos and get the optimum results. Each flaw or issue in photos may require different treatments while the others are simply not fixable. These are the coverage of automotive car photo fix services.

Reducing Noises in The Car’s Body

When it comes to car photos, the body should be flawlessly displayed, zero tolerance to imperfections. The grainy looks would distort the whole car’s appearance in the photo. Automatic noise reducer is now available through apps but it may affect the whole image and reduce it qualities. We at PhotoClipOut can fix noises in your car photos while preserving the quality and details.

Correcting Exposures

Sometimes, captured photos contain unwanted exposures due to the environment, position, or ISO used in the photo sessions. These exposures might not be flaws or bad but they prevent you from adding context to the car photo like replacing the background or placing banners. Our editors can correct these exposures and apply some adjustments to give your flexibility in applications.

Correcting Colors

Correcting the color of the car body could be inevitable when fixing an automotive photo. It’s an obligation to display the correct color of the vehicles to the customers. We can fix some color gaps on your car photos for accurate presentation of your displayed products. Our editors do the hard works in adjusting the captured colors with the actual ones.

Sharpening Dull Car Photos

Captured car photos could be dull due to lighting or ISO applications. Since retaking the car photos is expensive, time-consuming, or simply impossible, what you can do is fixing them. Our editors can sharpen the captured car photos and make them crisp with strict edges.

Settling Blurry Car Images

It’s quite unfortunate when you get blurry car images for the photographer but we can fix them for you. Such issues can distract customers from viewing the actual designs or shapes of the car. Depending on the severeness, blurry photos can be fixed and settled to some degree. Our teams have extensive experiences in settling such blurriness into a clear, clean car photo.

What’s Included in Car Photo Services?

Since car photo fixing may vary and involves a wide spectrum of imperfections, we offer some relevant treatments to fix related issues. These include but not limited to:

1.  Car Photo Clipping Path

The clipping path service allows you to cut out the car from the background and set it to transparent. Our expert editors use Pen Tool and cut out the photo by hand to preserve fine details. Clean cutout car photos allow you to put the car image in other contexts or you can apply it for different backgrounds. This way, you can use the cutout car images for posters, catalogs, covers, and so forth.

2.  Car Background Replacement

Replacing contextual background is the basic of modern automotive marketing campaign. We can add contextual and suitable background for your car to attract more buyers. The backgrounds are high quality and we can also accommodate your preferences if you have ones. We not only apply the background but we also ensure things matching and perfectly blended.

3.  Automotive Photo Editing Services.

Never place raw photos on your business site or dealership’s social media page or you’d ruin your business. Even you’ve hired professional photographer, all automotive images would need some degrees of editing. This would enhance the quality and provide you with consistent look of the cars you’re promoting.

4.  Automotive Retouching Service

When you want to achieve exclusive car looks, high definition images might be not enough. Sometimes, a photo session can’t perfectly capture the designs or details on the car’s body. Our professional photo editors know how to retouch and enhance your car photos. We would elevate the overall quality and ensure the best looks of your inventory.

5.  Car Templates and Branding

We’re not a digital marketing company but we know the importance consistent look and branding for your dealership or other automotive businesses.Our editors can make you representative templates for the cars you’re selling. We can also accommodate your store or dealer branding attributes including logos, names, symbols or banners. You can use this template for all of your listings and get professional exposure for your automotive businesses.

Despite providing comprehensive car photo fix services, we can also prompt it with other photo editing services. This way, you can rest assured with photo quality for your automotive business.