One of the main challenges of a retail business is when you have to deal with product variations. Showcasing a product with color variations looks simple but actually tricky to be done. Hosting extensive photoshoot sessions for hundreds of items not only drain your budget but also take a lot of time. On the other hand, you should have to deal with post-processing and image editing. What you need is a color variant or color-change service. Get the job done satisfyingly and focus on your business core.

Color variant services have been helping many businesses to showcase their product variations. Sometimes, it could be hard to get the correct color variations of a product. First, you might not have access to the actual colors. Second, you already take a photoshoot but it still doesn’t capture the color option accurately. Yes, there are more challenges to accommodate color options than you imagine. Color change image editing is an inevitable process for color variations. Color variant services help you do these tedious, laborious tasks and ensure the accurate color for your product images.

Get in touch with our expert image editors and send us your product photos. We’d deliver super-accurate color variants for your image. Whether it’s for small or large batches of product images, we can handle them all, at a competitive price and quick time turn around.

What Are Color Variants?

Color variant is a digital process to change the color of an object in a photo. You may also know it under different names like color changes, color correction, color improvement, and so forth. The color change is widely used in various businesses to accommodate the product photos that have color variants. Instead of taking different photos for each color, the color change technique is used to make those variants. Many people also use this approach to correct the color distortion that occurs due to digital processing.

How To Change The Color?

You can change the color of the object(s) in your photos using one or more tools. It doesn’t specifically refer to particular techniques as you can combine different features of digital editing software, like Photoshop.

You can use the color range feature to cover the color variants you need. It allows you to select one(or more) specific colors from the range. This tool helps you check the right gradation more effectively.

If you’re using Photoshop, you can change the color of the objects with the match color feature. This certainly saves your time and works perfectly for general color adjustment with RGB mode. You can, of course, collaboratively use match color and color range.

Another option is to use HTML color codes to pick the actual colors. It provides you with some degree of consistency especially if you’re dealing with extensive product photos. Eyedropper and color samplers are some eligible tools you can make use of to apply color variants.

In most cases, it’s very important to maintain an accurate color change to preserve colors from the actual product that require you to flex the color option. At this point, you may not be able to just pick the color so you’d need a color correction instead.

What Are Color Variant Actually for?

Color variant or color change technique is sometimes looked ambiguously with other image editing services.

Here are what color variant actually for:

Change The Color Product Photo

The color variant service aims to accommodate a product that has multiple color variants. It allows you to change the color from the original image without taking a physical photoshoot for each variant. This could save time and budget while you’d get a better-looking result for your photo product.

Capture The Real Color
In some cases, Color Variant editing could be one of a few methods that can actually capture the real color of your product. A product photo, no matter how it’s photographed, there would be some distortions. These make the color in the photo looks slightly or even totally different than the actual one. Color Variant editing can help you achieve the desired color to be closely identified with the real color.

Applying Color Variant for Many Objects
If you have a range of products to cover, there would be a tedious job to take the photo one by one. On the other hand, as previously mentioned, it could be stressful if long photo sessions still have many things to work on. With color variant service, you only need to capture one perfect photo for each product. You can simply apply the variant later for sure. It allows you to get the job done more quickly than expected.

Product Approach to Consumers
Providing color variants to a product is a business approach to capture different consumer preferences. While it seems to be basic, distorted colors of your product photo can damage your brand. With color variant editing, you can make this product approach to consumers work effectively. Besides, it’s already an obligation for a seller to give accurate information about the product including the color.

Color Change Image Editing at PhotoClipOut
Backed up with extensive editing experience on diverse types of images, we at PhotoClipOut can provide an accurate color variant for your product photos. We know that consistent colors are the key to boost your sales. We’ve been advancing our color correction and variants technique to capture the correct colors.

We know that achieving the correct color could be daunting but we have the skills, experiences, and procedures. We don’t make a guess on the color variants as we’d use the real colors as a guide. With several techniques to elaborate, our expert editors can achieve the identical color with the real product.

We understand that accurate color variant and natural-looking product photos are very important to your business. Consumers want the actual presentations on your products. Whether it’s for fashion, gadgets, automotive, crafts, and other products, representative photos are mandatory to sell more. Get in touch with our expert now.