Automotive dealers are the frontline in the automotive business chains. They have to convince customers to buy the car, which is a high investment for most people. Images have been an inseparable element of the business in order to capture buyer’s desires of the cars on their radar. From catalogs to advertising, auto dealer business highly depends on the well-edited image.

We at PhotoClipOut have extensive experiences and portfolios on editing images for automotive dealers. Our company offers comprehensive image solutions for dealership from enhancements to making templates for your car photos. Check the details about this service below.

Why a Dealer Need Car Photo Enhancement Service?

Professional Ambience

When your dealership has a business site or social media page to manage, you need to maintain the professional look of the cars. You can’t display cars with low-quality photos or the consumer would skip your listings without asking anything. Whether it’s for the car pages in your business site, catalogs, or social media platforms, always put the best photos with enhancements.

Consistent Looks

Photo enhancement service for automotive dealership helps you to achieve consistent looks of vehicles. Today, more people prefer looking for products with a white or simple background. You can apply your signature background and get consistent looks for all cars you sell. This would invite more visitors and viewers to your dealer’s site.

Specific Services

There are various photo enhancement services in the market, but it would require specific approaches when it comes to automotive dealers. The enhancement should be able to accommodate and represent how a car should be displayed. A dealer is a front liner, an automotive dealer photo enhancement expert knows how to capture buyers’ preferences. Instead of solely fixing some light reflections, the enhancement may also include color correction and shadowing.

Marketing and Advertising Advantages

Having your car photos enhanced means gathering digital assets for your business marketing and advertising. Whether you’re making marketing content or setting up your advertising in diverse platforms, you can use these enhanced car photos. It would ensure your products look great and consistent even in different media.

Business Enhancements

Enhanced car photos not only give your best business appearance but also the performance. Clean and realistic automotive images always drive more sales and that also explains why many automotive companies are in a race in enhancing their product photos. Well, that’s a legit reason as enhanced photos boost your credibility and give your flexibility in marketing the cars better.

What’s Included in Automotive Dealer Image Editing Solutions

Car Clipping Path

When enhancing a car unit, we isolate the image with a clipping path to focus on the enhancements. On the other hand, with the path clipped through the edges of the object, we can extract your car from the image. You can use the end results for various applications.

Car Photo Template for Dealer

When it comes to dealership, templates are an exceptional element for the car photos. A consistent look is very important as a dealer also represents the automotive brand and template would help you achieve this goal. Our expert enhancers at PhotoClipOut are experienced in making templates for automotive dealers. We can also accommodate your requirements and preferences.

Car Photo Background Removal or Replacement

Replacing background has a high demand in dealership marketing strategy. From making brochures, catalogs, to digital promotional banners, adding context with different backgrounds is an exceptional method. We can either remove and/or replace the background of your car photos.

Car Photo Color Correction

Color could be a tricky element when you’re selling vehicles. There might be slight differences in what’s printed, on-screen, and the actual color of the cars. Despite the various causes, an image editing service can include correcting the color. We can correct the color of the captured photo and represent them more accurately.

Car Photo Retouching

Even car photos taken by professional photographers may still contain imperfections. Whether it’s dots, scratches, photoshoot light reflection, or other distortions, we can retouch and fix them all. The result is a satisfyingly clean and fine car photo for your business site and digital marketing contents.

Various Applications of Automotive Dealer Image Editing

Automotive image editing is undoubtedly valuable leverage for dealership business. Majorly, you can use the edited car images for various applications after delivery. These are some common applications of image editing for automotive dealers.

Online Advertising

Having well-edited photo stocks provides you with more flexibility for online advertising. From PPC to ads banner, you need to ensure your car images at their prime condition to attract more visitors to your dealing site. Capturing sights of the user could be tricky through advertisement but high-quality images would be a valuable help.

Digital Marketing Contents

This also flexes your approaches in making diverse content for social media boosting like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms. Boost your digital marketing campaign with flawless photographs of your car stocks. These would help you with the promotional events, automotive new arrivals, or branding campaign.

Physical Marketing Medias

Once you decide to print out the car catalogs or huge posters for the billboards, you’d have to apply the best pictures. You need to ensure that the car images are stable even after enlargements and stretches. With improved quality of the images, you can actually best and consistent look of your dealership business.

Online Catalogs

Prospective car buyers usually take straight navigation to your catalog. There, you not only have to put the correct information but also the accurate color of the car. You’d also need to add context or change the background to engage them more. Complete your car stocks in your online catalog and boost your sales soon.

We at PhotoClipOut know the importance of these photo applications for automotive dealers. Our expert image editors can deliver a consistent, clean, crisp photo for cars you’re selling no matter where you want to apply it.