Ghost Mannequin has gained high popularity in today’s fashion industry especially for retailers that go online. The market is now home to tech-savvy can critical consumers who rely on their buying decisions on how sellers realistically showcase their product. The ghost mannequin is one of those presentations that bring fashion products to life and, of course, drives more sales.

Instead of hiring live models, more retailers now prefer ghost mannequin as it’s more convincing and budget-friendly. Inspired by how the retail store showcase their clothing products on a mannequin, the ghost mannequin brings a similar and even better experience. You wouldn’t have to expose the mannequin now and make it invisible. The effect allows you to present how the outfit would actually look when worn while also showcasing inside and outside more comprehensively.

Ghost mannequin provides a natural-looking to your product photos as well as a convenient way of view for consumers. You can showcase the entire clothing product or specific parts like sleeves, neck, joints, and so forth. The well-done ghost mannequin effect helps consumers envisioning themselves wearing your collections. Not only that consumers can shop the product conveniently, the ghost mannequin would convince them to make purchases soon.

What is Ghost Mannequin?

Ghost mannequin is a digital photo editing technique that produces invisible virtual mannequin with a hollow effect. It has become a trend for the modern fashion industry to showcase their products online through marketplaces, e-commerce, social media, and other platforms. Retailers use ghost mannequin effect to display shirts, blazers, jackets, tank-tops, lingerie, pants, jeans, and other products so consumers can simulate how it would be like when they wearing these products.

How to Apply Ghost Mannequin to Your Photo

There are several ways to add ghost mannequin effects to your product photo. Photoshop has been a popular software Each product may require slightly different approaches but here is the general guide to make invisible mannequin
You’d need to take the photo of clothes in two versions.

The first version is the product with the mannequin while the second version is the plain photo without a physical mannequin. The second version should expose the label and part of the back-inside that can be seen through the front position. It’s very important that the photographs captured in high definition with a very minimum or distortion. Hiring a professional product photographer is also advisable.

Next, you can join these images together through the neck joint. If you want to edit the clothing photo for the backside, then joining two images wouldn’t be necessary.
Use a clipping path to isolate the clothing/product and remove the physical mannequin and the background.

Adjust the texture and volume of the image and the joinery. No exact theory but you can zoom-in and zoom-out when adjusting.

You can use the shadow effect and color correction for the label part to make a natural-looking, living product photo. Decide where the imaginative light comes from and be consistent when editing.

Now, your clothing products are in an invisible mannequin and they’re ready for your listings, digital catalogs, new arrival posters, and other purposes. Next, you need only adjust the size of edited photos based on your needs.

We at PhotoClipOut use multiple methods to provide a super-realistic ghost mannequin for product photos. Our expert editors apply advanced and elaborate techniques to provide natural look results.

What’s The Benefits of Applying Ghost Mannequin for Your Business

Bring Your Clothing Products to Life
The idea of ghost mannequin concept allows you to adjust volume, texture or brightness for realistic effects. Ghost mannequin presentation has the same function with the physical mannequin but it provides you with more flexibility in the digital sphere.

Effective Approach to Customers
Clothing photos with ghost mannequin can play an effective approach to your customers. It allows consumers to view and imagine how virtually the clothing product is worn. 2D photos only provide front and back views while 3D clothing photo allows then to have a 360-degree view. It reduces if not eliminates the gap between the product and consumer, more effective than words as well.

Showcase Your Product More effectively
Showcasing new clothing arrivals in mannequin has been a common norm in the fashion industry for years. It brings a more natural and lifelike look to your clothing products. Furthermore, clothing photos with ghost mannequin can help you showcase the feature including how it would stretch and details instead of just showing back and front. You can also put white and contextual background to make clothes more shinning.

Save Budget for Models
It’s always nice to have models wearing your clothing products. However, it could be pricey especially if you have hundreds of products to showcase. You can have the similar display benefits with ghost mannequin at a considerably low price.

Professional mannequin service would be way more affordable than hiring a model and it can cover all of your clothing products.

Consistent Branding
Applying ghost mannequin for clothing or fashion businesses can a consistent branding strategy. It’s because this digital editing allows you to showcase the brand label inside the clothing product that isn’t achievable with 2D product photos. With a flexible use, ghost mannequin would expose your clothing brand to each photo. A consistent branding strategy could be a daunting task but ghost mannequin would be very helpful.

Enhance Conversion Rates
More consumers would actually buy the product if they have convincing photos. Many retailers use ghost mannequin and boost their sales immediately. You can reuse the photos for different marketplace and e-commerce platforms.

We at PhotoClipOut have been providing ghost mannequin services for various businesses and help them grow.

Tips When Applying Ghost Mannequin

Applying ghost mannequin could be a great boost for business only when it’s done properly. Realistic photos can drive more sales but gloomy editing would damage your brand.

Here are some tips when applying ghost mannequin to your product photos:

Get A Proper Photoshoot
Before anything, you’d need to get a proper photoshoot for your clothing products. You’d need a modular mannequin, DSLR Camera, studio lighting, and other support tools.

The photos should be clean and free from distortion for an easier and better editing later. Don’t rush when capturing your products and do a structured documentary so you can effectively select the best ones per session. It’s also suggested to be consistent from the beginning for an easier process.

Use Different Tools
A realistic ghost mannequin result is only achievable with multiple tools. You’d have to use a clipping path to remove background from the object with sharp and curvy edges. However, you may have to use masking for furry and hairy products to cover a clean background removal before joining the images. Take your time to adjust the texture, volume, and even color. Use the zoom tool to zoom-in and zoom-out for a better view of details and the whole picture. Use shadow effect to make an even more realistic result.

Use Models for Average Size
If you use models or physical mannequin with average size, then the ghost mannequin process would be easier. It would humanize the photo and make the job less tedious when adding volume and adjusting the texture. On the other hand, it would also flex the use of the final results.

Put Your Work on A Benchmark
You wouldn’t how good your ghost mannequin work until you compare it with others. Put your work on a benchmark so you can meet the market’s expectation or standard of how the clothing products should be presented with ghost mannequin. Don’t hesitate to fix any imperfection as poor-edited clothing photos can damage the brand business.

Get A Pro Ghost Mannequin Service
For the excellent result, ghost mannequin requires high proficiency on multiple tools and digital edition methods. On the other hand, it may require hours to complete editing one photo without proper technique and adequate experience. As you’ve more important things to do for your business, then it would be more effective to hire a pro ghost mannequin service for your product.

Ghost Mannequin Service in PhotoClipOut
PhotoClipOut’s editors have extensive experience in Ghost Mannequin services. We’ve been applying ghost mannequin for diverse clothing products like jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, jeans, hoodies, pants, and many more. We also stretch our services to other products like automotive, gadgets, lifestyle, and so forth. Our editors use advanced approaches to provide realistic ghost mannequin for your products.

Each product and business is unique, that’s why our experiences and skills have become our strength to deliver the best ghost mannequin services. We at PhotoClipOut know what we do and would be accommodating your requirements and preferences. Get in touch with our expert and get ghost mannequin solution now.