Working on the photo background has been a crucial element in the e-commerce sphere. Many marketplace and e-commerce platforms feature a simple white background for strong reasons. More consumers love white background when shopping products from an online retailer. We offer professional image background removal service for your product photos.

Currently, the white and contextual backgrounds have become norms in the marketplace and e-commerce platform. Whether you want to sell your products in Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or even Shopify, you’d find the guidelines about the photo. Turning the color of your background into white or other colors would only be possible by removing the original background.

We Photo Clip Out provides extensive background removal service. Our professional editors do detailed, clean background removal with clipping path and elaborated masking methods. Whether it’s for listing compliance, product webpage, promotional posters, catalogs, banner ads or other business & marketing purposes, our background removal services are totally reliable. We eliminate the distractions and showcase your products realistically.

With highly skilled & experienced editors on-board and millions of background-removed images, we always deliver high-quality results. We’ve been editing various product photos from diverse type of businesses. Get in touch with our background removal expert now.

What is image background removal?

Image Background Removal is a digital process of isolating the main object(s) of a digital image in order to completely remove the background. E-commerce companies usually apply this technique for their product listings and catalogs. After removing the background, they can then put white, colored or relevant background to isolated product image.

This would make the product appealing and users can focus on the single product more clearly. The superb image manifestation has become the major reason why more companies use this technique for product photos. Background removal services are widely used for diverse types of online businesses.

Types of Background Removal

It’s no secret that current e-commerce has become a home of various businesses with diverse products to cover. These products are different in the shape and details that require different approach when removing the background of the image.

Simple Background Removal

Photoshop has become the most used software to remove the background of digital photos. Clipping path is the common method for background removal using the Pen Tool. The process would involve manual hand-drawing paths to cover the edges of the objects. It could be done quickly for experts and the background can either be hidden or permanently moved.

Advanced Background Removal
When it comes to more complex objects like the ones with furry or grouping, removing the background could be more complicated. The process would require a combination of several tools and techniques like eraser tools, masking, color separation, clipping path with multiple paths, and so forth. These allow you to cover more details for clean results. High definition catalogs have become the main power of e-commerce and online business to offer their listings. Detailed works or background removal is inevitable at this point.

Tips When Removing Background for Product Images
Online retailers or sellers require an exceptional photos to showcase their products. The trends of online business have been developing continuously and you should adapt them well including how you should manage your product photos. Check our tips below.

1. Be Consistent
Whether you’re using your website or other e-commerce platforms, be consistent on your product photos. They should represent your actual business and company profile. Maintain the quality of background removal in your product photos to keep them appealing for your customers.

2. Follow Photo Guidelines
Major e-commerce and marketplace sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Home Depot or Shopify has guidelines for product photos you should follow. These include the resolutions, background colors, format, etc. Exceptional background removal would save your time with the quick photo approval. You may have some complex products to deal with especially the ones with hair or fur. At this point, you may consider hiring professional background removal services.

3. Adding Background Colors Selectively
Some platforms may require a strict white background for all products while the others allow you to apply different background colors. Get the ones that perfectly resonate with your brand and products. White or transparent background is neutral that’s why it’s recommended for most products photos. Whatever the color you want to apply, having a clean background removal first is mandatory for the best results.

How To Perform Background Removal

There are two major ways we can remove background from a digital photo, clipping path and masking. We at Photo Clip Out have advanced skills and experiences on these methods.

Clipping Path
You can draw the clipping path to border the object/product from the outer area or the background. Use the Pen Tool in Photoshop to draw the path on the edges of the object. This part could be laborious especially when it comes to complicated objects and/or with groupings. You can take advantage of the higher zoom to apply all necessary anchor points to keep the shape original. Once the tail and mouth meet each other, you can extract the object from the background. You can remove the background, make it transparent or simply apply new ones depending on your needs. In our company, we manually draw the path to ensure a complete, clean photo cut out.
Clipping path is an exceptional technique but it has limitation when dealing with more detailed and complex objects. These include the ones with furry and hair that make masking methods more suitable for background removal jobs.

In our company, we apply multiple layers and groupings to cover the edges of the object. It requires detailed and highly structured work to apply masking across the layers. The results are undoubtedly smooth, clean, and realistic if, of course, done by professional.

In Photo Clip Out, we use both the clipping path and masking collaboratively. Our experienced editors have extensive skills and training to remove the background from any type of product. We ensure a crisp, clean background removal and guarantee realistic results. Our company are fully aware how quality photo product shape your business performance.

Who needs image background removal services?

E-Commerce Retailers
If you’re an e-commerce retailer, then a background removal service is very important. Major e-commerce platforms require you to follow photo guidelines. This service would be helpful if you have large batches of photos you need to work on. Not only does this service make your photos approved instantly, background removal service makes them more appealing. At this point, you can focus your energy on the core of your business operation.

Online Business Practitioners
Anyone who run their business online would need a background removal services. Whether it’s an auto shop, fashion store, restaurant, hotels or other businesses, they need consistent appearance to their products. A company’s business site should have exceptional product pages with uniform standards of photos. Along with a smooth user interface, well-managed product photos will drive customers to place an order more effectively. These would eliminate possible distractions in the photos and allow your customers to focus on the products more.

Digital Marketing Agencies
Whether you’re a freelancer or running an established digital marketing firm, background removal services are inevitable. When you’re managing your clients’ web content or designs, you’d have to deal with their product photos as well. After the backgrounds have been removed from the photos, you can then apply colored or contextual backgrounds for other purposes like catalogs, digital flyers, promotional banner, and so forth. The photos would speak for the products more effectively which makes your content more powerful tens times than thousands of words.
While everyone can learn photo background removal, professional services are still in demand and yet advisable for a cleaner results and productivity results. They can deal with large batches of photos and keep the quality. This way, you can concentrate energy, time, and resources to the core of your business.

Why You Need Background Removal

These are some strong reasons why you need background removal services.
eCommerce Compliance. As previously mentioned above, you need to comply with the photo guidelines when selling your product in a marketplace or e-commerce platform. Background removal services will ensure the compliance and handling larger batches of photos. For example, Amazon requires putting a relevant pic of your product with no background(transparent).

Achieving Uniform Background
Uniformity is a great element of the business site as it’s close to a simple and elegant look. As you have hundreds of products to cover, a professional background removal would be very helpful to you. You can apply the backgrounds representing your company or brand and attract more people to buy your products.

Obtaining Object Isolation
Background removal usually uses the clipping path method to isolate the object and remove or hide the background. This way, you can reuse the isolated image of your products for different purposes whether it’s for listings or catalogs. You can put different backgrounds for the same product, giving you more flexibility.

Showcasing Features and Details
Images can be more powerful than words and you can use them to convince people to purchase your products. You can showcase the features and details of your product to provide convincing elements on the description you’ve provided.

Let’s say you’re running an auto dealership, you can showcase the vehicle’s high-tech engine or interior without the background. By removing distractions in the background, your customers can focus more on the particular features you want to showcase.