Showcasing products with fur or hair could be the major challenge for online retail businesses. While white background seems to become a norm in marketplaces and e-commerce platform, image masking service become the solution to remove the original background. However, the whole process of image masking could be laborious and time-consuming not mention it require in-depth editing skills for smooth results.

The growing sphere of e-commerce has reshaped the market including the consumers. Well-edited photo products have become a crucial element that drive consumers to buy your products. Image masking on furry objects should be done professionally with attention to the finest details. Forget about the messy look of the cropped image, we at PhotoClipOut use advanced image masking approaches for crisp, clean background removal.

We at PhotoClipOut do all the process by hand and deliver the best quality image masking services. Get in touch with us to discuss your photo editing requirements and preferences.

What is Image Masking?

Image masking is a digital editing technique of removing parts of the image, mostly the background, using image editing software like Photoshop. It’s similar to the clipping path when used to remove the background except that it involves a more complicated process for more complex objects. Image masking can cover more details on furry and hairy objects that are hardly cut out with the clipping path technique. Since it’s an advanced technique, intermediate proficiency in photo editing is required.

The whole process of image masking could be very laborious and requires some deep skills and diligence efforts. The result is satisfying as you can extract each strand of the fur or hair. There would be hundreds to thousands of clipping paths through the edges drawn by hand and multiple layers used for smooth cut out. We’d avoid the use of the magic wand as much as possible to provide a natural result. You can reuse the masked image for various purposes including adding a white or new contextual background to it.

Image Masking Tips

There is a wide spectrum of image masking and it’s usually performed to accommodate particular requirements and references. If you want to apply image masking for your product photos, here are some tips for you.

1. Use Multiple Tools
If you use Photoshop, there are some tools you can use to perform an effective image masking. These include Pen Tool to draw clipping path for the straight edges, color separation, Erasers, Brush Tool and using multiple background layers. Don’t hesitate to combine multiple tools. Each product is unique so it’s natural if they need different treatments.

2. Check the Photo Guidelines
Image masking is undoubtedly a labor-intensive task and would be such a waste of time if not done properly. Always refer back to what the photo is for before starting the process. If you want to mask the image for products you sell in the e-commerce platform, then you should check the guidelines so you can ensure the compliance during the process. When you already multiple layers applied, it’s quite stressful to undo or correct the drawing.

3. Be Consistent
If the masked photos for business sites or online retail stores, then consistency would be key. Consumers would adore consistent photo products and likely to buy from a business with realistic product photos. Being consistent also helps you work effectively on image masking. Even though each photo may vary but you can settle basic image masking procedure after editing some of them.

4. Take Your Time
For smoother image-making results, be sure to take your time when editing the photo. Take control of the layers in the dashboard and keep the process effective. In fact, you can save time for corrections if you take your time for drawing the path or separating the colors.

5. Background Check
If you’ve managed to remove the background from the photo, don’t forget to do background checks. Apply some different colors of background to the photo and zoom-in and zoom-out to ensure no background check if there are any discrepancies.

6. Keep The Original Photo
For precaution, it’s better if you keep the original photo of the product/image in case things go wrong and you need to start over again.

We at PhotoClipOut provide professional image masking services that consistently abide by the major e-commerce platforms’ standards and guidelines. Our highly skilled editors can take care of your product photos and make them stand out in the market.

Who Needs Image Masking Services

Retail Businesses
Anyone who sells their product in major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay or Etsy would definitely need image masking. They have strict photo guidelines including the one that requires you to apply a white background for your listings. This white background rule can easily spoil amateur photo editing. Professional image masking would help you achieve an amazing look on your product photos.

Product photographers would need image masking for their business clients. The main task is to isolate the main product so the photo can be reused for listings. It could be a daunting task especially when you’re dealing with large batches of photos to edit. Our photo editors can deliver extensive image masking services within a short turn around time.

Business Site Owners
A business site owner or manager has to ensure the best product appearance through the page. The photos shouldn’t be only in high definition but they also need to be realistic, consistent and showcasing details or special features of your products. Image masking service would be very important to ensure you have stunning photos throughout the site. The current market is home to smart buyers who take a realistic photo into their buying factors. Exceptional image masking would drive conversions more than you can imagine.

What Benefits of Image Masking?

Image masking allows you to isolate more complex objects including the furry and hairy ones. These objects have fine edges that can be roughly covered with a clipping path. You can smoothly capture even the finest parts with image masking.
You can remove the background and comply with major marketplaces’ photo guidelines.

Transparent products like clear vases, bottles or glasses have challenging background editing. Image masking is one of few methods that can help you with this tricky editing process.

If you want a more detailed clip out result, image masking is the technique you can count on. This would allow you to apply different colors of background even the spoiling one.

At PhotoClipOut, we use advanced image masking to handle even more complex objects. However, we’d recommend clipping service for objects with curvy or sharp edges.

Why You Need Image Masking Service for Business?

If you use a marketplace or e-commerce platform, the use of image masking is almost inevitable. You may use clipping path service for simple and solid products but the ones with complex edges would need image masking.

Masked images including logo and products are the source of branding and marketing campaigns. You’d use these masked photos for various purposes including ads banner, listings, posters, and so forth. These tasks would be more efficiently performed if you’ve banked the masked images. They also allow you to have easier customization as you sell products on multiple platforms.

It’s quite obvious that putting white background or contextual background to your product can boost sales. These help consumers focus more on your products and eliminating distractions. Whether it’s in the marketplace or business site, product photo with white background boost the conversion rate.

On the other hand, image masking service take over labor-intensive tasks so you can simply focus on your business operation. Instead of doing the tasks on your own or hiring permanent staff for the job, the image masking service would be more efficient.

Image masking at PhotoClipOut

PhotoClipOut is a team of fully skilled photo editors with high proficiency in editing techniques including image masking. We can handle image masking for all objects and products. With in-depth experiences on diverse tools, we at PhotoClipOut collaboratively use clipping path, channel masking, color separation, background erasing approaches to achieve the best possible results. We capture all including the finest details of your photo.

Our company has been dealing with various business so we’re fully aware of the efficient process and the capacity. We have extensive fleets of editors ready to cover even large batches of image masking photos. Our editor experts would quickly examine your photos and we’d provide you with the competitive quote. We’d do all the process by hand and ensure the speedy delivery with guaranteed quality.