Photos are the best way to showcase automotive product especially the car. It shows the designs, shapes, curves, features, and details of a car in order to capture the interests of buyers. Today, automotive companies use their best photos for new model launch posters, brochures, catalogs, and other marketing contents.

Photo retouching is an amazing service that helps you to achieve the best visualizations of the car you’re displaying. From removing imperfections to polishing the car’s body digitally, you can get the best and consistent look of your car photos. Stocking retouched photos also allow you to market automotive products and services more effectively.

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The Benefits of Car Image Retouching

Image retouching has specific benefits for automotive businesses whether for the dealership, auto painting service, rentals, auto shops, and so forth. Check some benefits you can get from the car image retouching service below.

Improve Car Image Quality

The image quality is very important to showcase a car in a photograph. Photo retouching is needed to improve the car photos that host some imperfections. From correcting colors, adjusting the brightness to removing banners or stickers from the body, a photo retouch is a legit editing solution. It’s also a great way to maintain the quality of all car photos you stock.

Business Leverage

Having quality car photos are the crucial elements for automotive businesses including the dealership, auto service, rentals, and so forth. Professional photo editors can retouch the photos and achieve the visualizations your company desire. This way, you can make your automotive businesses stand out in the market even though, let’s say, you’re selling the same products.

Present The Best Look of The cars

When there are new car models are launched, the best presentation is fundamental. Photo retouch can deepen the ambiance and optimize the looks of the cars so viewers can clearly observe the designs and details whenever possible. You may not be able to achieve the best look with plain photoshoot session.

Great Value of Money

Car image retouching service is a very cost-effective way to showcase cars in images. Even though you have the same car models and products or even the same photo, you can still apply improvements and add contexts. You can achieve thousands of dollars worth photo-session- look with photo retouch without having new photo sessions. On the other hand, you can stock the photos and use them for various applications.

What Can Automotive Photo Retouching Service Actually Do?

Photo retouching service can do various improvements to your automotive photos. These include but not limited to:

Photo Enhancement: You can obtain both general and detailed enhancement to the photo with retouching services. We can retouch the body of the car to enhance the realistic and smooth looks.

Digital Polishing: Lighting reflections could flaw the car photos but we understand that you want to make the car shinning. Our editors know how to digitally polish your cars and make them shiny proportionally and serve the addiction.

Adjustments: Photo retouching service also accommodates some adjustments especially related to the color or brightness. There are usually some differences between the car’s actual color and the captured color.

Removing Distortions and Distractions: Some distortions like lighting reflections, effects, dots, scratches can flaw the presentation of the cars. These could be distractions for viewers and harm your automotive business. We can retouch and remove these distractions and make sure the main appeal of your cars.

Balancing The Color: Despite adjusting the color, photo retouching service also treats the unbalanced coloration. These may cover the car and the background in order to keep a proportional look of the photosets. On the other hand, this would also inform viewers about the car’s actual color more accurately.

Correcting The Car Color: in some cases, the color gaps become too obvious and need some corrections and further adjustment. Color incorrectness is the worst photo issue in the automotive business. We can correct the car color by narrowing or even eliminating the gaps.

Element Removal: Sometimes, you may want to remove some elements in the car. These may include stickers, banners, stamps, texts, numbers, or other objects. We at PhotoClipOut can cleanly remove these elements and boost your car’s appeals for catalogs or posters.

Brushing: We know some ways to polish your car digitally and brushing is one of them. When you want to enhance the exceptional look of the car’s body, we can brush it up and achieve the look you actually desire. Brushing could be a tricky method for beginners but our expert editors know how to apply this technique proportionally.

Adding Effects: Improvements are required for the new car model launching, some effects could be very helpful. We can add glossy effects and preserve the natural look of the edited car.

Cleaning Up The Car: The photo retouch service also includes the final touch to the car photo. We would remove dust and sketches to ensure crisp, clean automotive photos.