Have you ever wondered how those established companies have amazing photos of their products and you can’t achieve the same results? It’s neither your fault nor your photographer’s. When it comes to a digital image, especially for business purposes, a retouching process is unbearably needed. Most photos have some imperfections while markets also have their own expectations about a product.

Whether you want to capture the market expectation or to achieve the best product photo, Photo Retouching services are what you need. We can refine your photos in various ways including adjusting skin tone, adding texture, remove noises or spots, enhancing natural colors, get rid of blemishes, and many more. Our Photo Retouching services can accommodate your requirements and deliver the best look of your products.

No matter what you sell or offer, whether it’s through marketplace or business site, keep showcasing the best product photos with our Photo Retouching services. Having hundreds of photos to retouch immediately? We at PhotoClipout offers quick Photo Retouching services at a competitive price.

What is photo retouching?

Photo retouching is a digital editing process to refine an image using software like Photoshop. An Image can contain imperfections like spots, scratches, dusts, color distortions, dents, and so forth. Photo retouching is used to remove them so you can have a clean image

Any imperfections in a product photo can damage the brand and business. Dusts or scratches could be distractions for consumers when viewing your products. The product photos should perfectly represent the actual products. They should be free from any possible distractions or hiccups so consumers can clearly view your product and make purchases.

How Photo Retouching Service Work?

Photo Retouching actually involves multiple image editing techniques to elaborate. However, it’s a specific editing process to refine your photo different from other services like clipping path, image masking, color change, and so forth. These are how the photo retouching service can actually work:

1. Removing wrinkles

The fashion industry usually face stubborn wrinkles on their photo products. Even though they’ve steamed and extensively iron the clothing product, there would be still wrinkles appear on the photos. The dilemma is that you’d need a high definition photograph to capture the details but it also reveals the smallest wrinkles. Of course, it’s not a professional photography’s fault as it simply requires a post image editing. Photo Retouching aims to eliminate these wrinkles and refine your photo product. The good news is that you can apply Photo Retouching for any products.

2. Enhancing Natural Beauty

Having human models on the photos adds context to your fashion products. Selecting models and hosting a photos session could be a tedious job. However, even you’ve hired a beautiful model, imperfections might be still captured by the professional camera. Aside from refining the photo products, Photo Retouching can enhance the model’s beauty. It can refine skin, eye, hair, teeth, and smooth them to perfection. Most established fashion and beauty companies use Photo Retouching to refine their product photos and catalogs.

3. Improving Background and Context

As a part of putting context on your product photos, you may have prepared settings for photo sessions. However, the background and the environment surrounding the main object can have imperfection as well. Photo Retouching can improve the background and therefore, enhance the context you want to achieve in the first place.

4. Correct Various Photography Flaws

Not all products can get flawless photoshoot as some shinny or blinking items could be trickier to capture. There might be inevitable or unprecedented imperfections like light spots, light reflection, dusting, scratches, and so forth. When you’re handling tens or hundreds of products, a photo retake would be time and budget-consuming. Photo Retouching can be used to correct these obstacles.

What Are The Benefits of Photo Retouching

Retouched photos have many benefits for your business. From product showcasing to marketing benefits, photo retouching could be a more valuable investment than you can imagine.

Showcasing Product Excellently

Whether it’s for your business site or marketing platform, product photos should be flawless. It’s not meant to exaggerate the features but to enhance the best natural appearance of your product. Photo Retouching refines your photos so you can showcase the products at the prime condition. Don’t let spots, dust or scratches become distractions on your photos.

Consistent Branding

Refining your product photos is a crucial step to branding strategy. Consistency is the key to introduce and to promote your brand. Photo retouching can consistently refine your product photos to a level where consumers recognize your brand. You can have your own standard of Photo Retouching and keep it consistent for each product photo. Established companies have been using consistent photos as a part of their branding strategy.

Marketing Boost and Resources

Refined product photos could be an amazing marketing boost and resource for your business. No matter how big your marketing campaign, you need stocks of fine images of products. Whether it’s for new arrival posters, promo fliers or sale event banners, you can use the finest photos to attract more buyers. Photo retouching is a valuable investment as you can use the refined product images for various purposes.

Adding Context to Your Product

There are various ways to add context to your products including changing the background, adding new objects, and so forth. With Photo Retouching, you can apply additions and some changes to provide specific context or themes to your products. These would attract more buyers to view products and to make purchases soon.

Tips for Photo Retouching

There are multiple approaches you can make use of to retouch photos. Each editor may use different techniques and each photo may require different treatments. Whatever method you’d use, you may check our Photo Retouching tips below as references.

1. Preserve the Natural Beauty

First of all, preserving the natural beauty of a person or a product is the main objective of Photo Retouching. Over-editing images won’t impress consumers or clients. Excessive retouches especially when using brushing can create doll-like appearance and that’s what you should avoid.

2. Be Consistent on All Aspects

Each object is unique so it may require different approaches but you need to be consistent and proportional. For example, when you’re retouching a live mode for beauty products, apply the same methods for both face and body. On the other hand, it’s very important to keep the standard when retouching photos in a large batch.

3. Use Multiple Tools, Do Some Experiments

You can use multiple tools for Photo Retouching and you can do some experiments for the best result. You can use color combination to correct tones, frequency separation to edit color & shades, healing brush to smooth wrinkles, radial filter to improve details, and many more. For example, the Liquify tool can help you to digitally iron the wrinkled clothes but you’d need to use the brushing tool to smooth it.

4. Maintain The Noise and Distortion

Even if you have wonderful photo sessions, some photos may still have some noises and distortion. If you think that the photos are good enough and don’t want to redo it, then simply apply the noise filter and get the result instantly. In fact, you can do this before any other step. Measure the noise/distortion with the RBG feature and try to reduce them with either surface blur, ISO setting filter. You can also make use of themes or presets to improve the result with relevant effects.

5. Get at Professional Photo Retouching Service

When you’re dealing with a large batch of photos and desire high-quality Photo Retouching results, it’s time to hire a professional service. Retouching one image may take hours to complete for beginners and still have some issues with the result. Professional Photo Retouching service can take over the tedious job with guaranteed results. This way, you can rest assured and stay focus on what really matters for your company.

Photo Retouching Services at Photo Clip Out

Our expert image editors have a high proficiency and extensive portfolios on photo retouching. No matter what your products are, we at PhotoClipOut can refine them to perfection. Don’t let flaws in your photos damage your brands and business. After a photo session, send us your product images for necessary enhancements with a professional retouching process.

We at PhotoClipOut have been advancing our Photo Retouching services to accommodate diverse requirements. Our editors provide photo retouching that enhances the natural beauty of your product instead of exaggerating it. The details of the image would be also the subject to retouching when necessary. If you need a balanced, clean, and crisp Photo Retouching service, we have everything you need. Discuss your needs with our image editor