Photos are the soul of online business, no matter what you’re selling whether you’re running a small business, startup, or an established company. It’s very important to ensure the photos representing and optimizing the products. Most captured photos, even though taken by professional photographers, would still need editing. On the other hand, some marketplaces have their own product photo rules to follow.

The product photo editing involves diverse requirements and results to achieve. These include background removal, color-changing, shadow effect, image isolation, clipping path, masking, and many more. We at PhotoClipOut can accommodate your product photo editing needs. Our company employs hundreds of professional photo editors so we can guarantee consistent quality, fast delivery, and budget-friendly.

Get consistent looks for your product photos on your business site or marketplace with our professional photo editing services. Boost your sales and business growth soon with appealing photo products.

Tips on Editing Product Photo

Photo editing has a wider scope but when it comes to product photos, there are some particular approaches to apply and some requirements to achieve. If you’re editing your product photos for marketplaces or your business site, check our tips below.

Keep The Photo Realistic and Contextual

When editing product photos, many people are confused with the standards of quality or results to achieve. It’s true that there are various aspects to deal with but photo products should be edited to attract potential buyers. People in e-commerce and marketplace prefer realistic photo products with simple or even plain background and the context in it. These would require you to use a clipping path or masking to remove background and use models or mannequin to add context for clothing items, depending on your product. When you’re selling products with color variants ensure that you accommodate them into your photos. Color change and color variation can help you achieve these contexts.


Being Consistent on Your Photos

The competitiveness of online business also depends on how you represent your products consistently. Following the rules of the marketplace has helped you to achieve this consistency at the basic level. However, there is more you can do to attract more buyers with your photos. You can rotate the product, apply highlight photos, add volume and texture, and many more. Buyers tend to buy from consistent sellers or providers.

Keep Your Site Light

It’s very tempting to add all HD photos of your products on your business site but it may not work as you imagine. These could make your site loading more slowly and less responsive. Being on the first page of the search engine could be also a tougher task if your site has these issues. On the other hand, users hate slow sites and would leave it soon before even looking at the products you sell.

Keep your site light with the smaller size of photo products. Don’t get it wrong, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality. If you’re using Adobe Audition to edit your photos, you can save them for the web while preserving the best possible quality. Otherwise, you can hire an image to resize services or use image compression apps online. If you’re using professional service to edit your product photos, prompt it with reducing size.

Make Your Site Mobile Savvy

When you want to use product photos for your website, it’s very important to make it responsive for mobile users. Yes, today’s people use their mobile device including smartphones and tablets to shop goods. This fact requires you to apply the ideal photo size for the mobile screen as it’s different from a desktop browser. Capturing the mobile user scheme would boost your business competitiveness. Our photo editors can resize your product photos to match mobile site usage.


Why You Need Product Photo Editing Services.

Marketplace Requirements

Most major e-commerce or marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Craiglist, and others has some requirements regarding the product photo. You can’t just upload photos from the gallery for the product page. A professional photo editing service can edit your product photos to comply with the rules or additional requirements.

Capture Market Preferences

Those giant marketplaces have rules for strong reasons and you can learn from them. It’s reported that almost 40% of users or shoppers prefer viewing product images with a white or plain background. A pro service can remove and change the background to capture these preferences.

Large-Batch Delivery

You may spend hours to smoothly remove the background, but how if you have hundreds of product photos to edit? Product photo services would be your solution for a fast and clean result. With millions of edited photos, our editors can cover large batch product photo editing.

Enhance Your Product Appeals

Sometimes, a product photo can contain various imperfections like the crowded background, distorted parts, or inaccurate color. They could be distractions to your product and prospective buyers may just skip your product due to flattering photos. It’s very important to ensure the photo representing the actual product. A pro editor can smoothly isolate your product photos and allows you to display them at the best appeals. Greatly appealing product photos can also improve the shopping experience for visitors as well.

Boost Your Business Site

As previously mentioned that product photo determines the loading speed and responsiveness of your site. Don’t ruin your investment on a beautiful site by slowing it down with big-sized photos. We know that HD photos are very important but keeping your site loading faster is also crucial as well. Our photo editor can maintain this balance by delivering you a stunning product photo that your site lighter.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Not many people are aware of how product photos affecting your SEO strategy. If you’re hiring SEO consultants, they would advise you with particular requirements for product photos to support the strategy. Our editor knows how to accommodate these requirements including achieving the right quality, size, and tags. Why it’s very important? Searching by image has become one of the top alternatives to traditional browsing with text input.