There is one certain element that appears on premium automotive photos, the shadow. It provides a realistic look and showcases the design more effectively. The application of shadow in the car image has also successfully captured the interests of the buyers and attract more audiences. However, either preserving the existing shadow or creating and applying the new one to the image background could tricky and tedious.

We at PhotoClipOut have a high number of car shadow portfolios with thousands of satisfied clients. Our photo editors can make any type of shadow you want to apply in your vehicle photos. Consult your car shadow requirements with us now and get the best possible solutions from experts.

How To Apply Shadow to a Car Image

There is a spectrum of approaches when you want to apply shadow to a car image. Each picture and background may need different treatments and the result you want to achieve also determine the methods you should use. Here are the basic guidelines you can use:

  1. You need to extract the car image and preserve the background where you want to place the shadow. This would be the guide of the position as well as the scale and size of the shadow.
  2. Choose the types of shadow you want to apply to the car image whether it’s drop shadow, cast shadow, floating shadow, and so forth. Create a separate layer for this shadow making. For the foundation, you can firstly make a casual drop shadow. Adjust the suitable size and correct the color if you see some distortions to make it more realistic.
  3. Split the layers of the original shadow and the one we’ve just created. This allows you to convert the artificial drop shadow to the cast shadow or other shadowing effects you want to apply. The original shadow would guide you through drawing.
  4. Use the free transform to distort the shadow shape in the selected layers. You can adjust the application so the shadow can blend well with the image. Without applying some distortion, the shadow would look too solid and artificial.
  5. Next, you’d have to adjust the angle of the shadow towards the background. You can use the horizon line, vanishing point, and the original car position as the anchor. Adjusting the angle can also be more effective after applying the distortions.
  6. Distancing the shadow from the car and softening the texture would enhance the realistic result. They’re arranged to create a fading-out-like appearance where the shadow looks like moving away in gradations but not totally disappear. These would give you a real shadow look for the car image.
  7. Enhancing the shadow look can be done with some method but blurring with Gaussian Blur could be the most effective way. Despite softening the shadow, it can also blend multiple shadows throughout the layers.
  8. The last shadow enhancement is to apply the gradient on the layered shadows to blend them with the background. It’s the peak of successful cast shadow application but you’d need to maintain it very carefully. Get the gradient tool and create a linear application to blend two layers of the shadows. On the other hand, you can adjust the opacity through the layered shadows with a higher percentage on the top layer and lower for the bottom. Managing gradient and opacity would depend on your image and background.

Why You Need Car/Vehicle Shadow Service?

You can basically make and apply shadow for your car images with Photoshop or other image editing software. However, when it comes to business or professional applications, there are strong reasons why you need a car shadow service from experts.

Realistic Shadow Making

As you’ve seen above, there is a long process to apply shadow in a car photo and that’s still the basic. It requires very long hours of experiments and practices to make a more realistic shadow making. Professional photo editors like ours at PhotoClipOut have made thousands of car shadows. When you’re looking for an exceptional car shadowing result, professional services could be the best solution for you.

High Consistent Quality

A consistent look is a crucial element of the automotive business and applying car shadow is one of the best ways to achieve it. A professional car shadow service deliver consistent qualities you rely on for various application. Whether it’s for 10 or 1000 car photos, we can maintain consistent shadowing quality.

Cost-Effective Solution

Taking a professional car shadow service is undoubtedly more cost-effective than hiring permanent workers for the tasks. You can save a lot of time with professional service. At PhotoClipOut, we have a solid team to cover bulk car shadow orders and give the best prices. On the other hand, you can own the photos and use them for various applications.

Double Your Sales

You can apply shadowed car photos for marketing, advertising, web showcasing, and promoting your products more effectively. Car buyers love realistic car photos especially the ones with the convincing cast or drop shadows. The more convinced buyers, the more sales you’d get soon